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UN / CM, Kurs vom 01.09.2001 - 25.01.2002

Englisch (Teil 3): Useful phrases: Order (Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung) (Opening, Particulars, Closing), Beispielbrief, Modes Of Payment (Zahlungsmodalitäten), Letter Of Application (Bewerbungsbrief), Curriculum Vitae (Lebenslauf).

  1. Useful phrases: Order (Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung)
  2. Beispielbrief
  3. Modes Of Payment (Zahlungsmodalitäten)
  4. Letter Of Application (Bewerbungsbrief)
  5. Curriculum Vitae (Lebenslauf)

Useful phrases: Order (Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung)


Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung (Opening)
Englisch Deutsch
Thank you for ...
your quotation/offer of ...
your catalogue/brochure.
the samples you sent us.
Wir danken für ...
Ihr Angebot vom ...
Ihren Katalog/Prospekt.
die von Ihnen übersandten Muster.


Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung (Particulars)
Englisch Deutsch
We would be grateful if you could supply/send us ... Für die Lieferung/Übersendung von ... wären wir dankbar.
We enclose ...
our order for the following goods/items/products.
In der Anlage übersenden wir ...
unseren Auftrag für folgende Waren/Artikel/Produkte.
We would like to place the following/enclosed/attached order. Wir erteilen Ihnen hiermit nachstehenden/beigefügten Auftrag.
Payment will/can be made/effected/executed ...
in advance.
with order.
on delivery/on receipt of goods.
within 30 days after receipt of goods.
in instalments.
by transfer of the invoice amount.
by (bank) acceptance at 90 days.
by sight draft.
by (ir)revocable, (un)confirmed letter of cedit.
cash against documents.
documents against acceptance.
Die Zahlung wird/kann ... erfolgen.
im voraus
bei Bestellung
bei Lieferung/bei Wareneingang
innerhalb von 30 Tagen nach Wareneingang
in Raten
per Überweisung des Rechnungsbetrages
durch (Bank) Akzept per 90 Tage
per Sichtrate/Sichtwechsel
durch (un)widerrufliches, (un)bestätigtes Akkreditiv
Kasse gegen Dokument
Dokument gegen Akzept
Delivery by the due date is essential. Lieferung bis zum Fälligkeitstermin ist unbedingt erforderlich.
We expect an additional/introductory discount of ... %. Wir erwarten einen zusätzlichen/Einführungsrabatt in Höhe von ... %.
Insurance ...
should be optained by you.
will be optained by us.
Versicherung ...
sollte von Ihnen übernommen werden.
wird vn uns übernommen.


Nützliche Redewendungen: Auftrag/Bestellung (Closing)
Englisch Deutsch
Please confirm/acknowledge this order ...
in due course.
by return.
Wir bitten ... um Bestätigung dieses Auftrages.
zu gegebener Zeit
umgehend, postwendend
Please let us know/inform us ...
when the goods have been shipped.
if there is any delay in delivery.
Wir bitten um Benachrichtigung, ...
wann die Waren versandt wurden.
falls eine Lieferungsverzögerung eintritt.

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Dear Sir or Madam


Thank you for your quotation and the catalogue which we received under separate cover.

As some of your products seem to fit our line we would like to place the following trial order:

We understand that you grant an introductory discount of 10 % on these prices.
Payment will be made by bank transfer with 30 days after receipt of invoice.
Delivery should be executed by 4 March at the latest. Insurance is to be covered by you.

We trust that our order will be executed carefully and that the quality of the goods will meet our expectations.

Please acknowledge this order by return and inform us if there is any delay in delivery.

Yours faithfully
... GmbH


Purchasing Department

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Modes Of Payment (Zahlungsmodalitäten)

Art Beschreibung Einsatzbereich Übersetzung
cash smaller payments private and business; domestic and foreign transactions Barzahlung
open account smaller and larger payments within the EU Konto-Korent-Konto (z.B. Katalogkunden)
cheque small payments private and business; domestic and foreign transactions Scheck
credit card more and more; This is a small plastic card given out by banks and credit companies. electronic cash: Used against payment of goods and services. Paid for at a later day. Kreditkarte
Bill of exchange (B/E) larger payments domestic and foreign transactions Wechsel
Letter of credit (L/C) larger payments foreign transactions Akkreditiv
direct debit The payee has written permission to take a sum of money due to him directly from the payer's account. Lastschriftverfahren (direkte Abbuchung)
standing order The bank does all the work; the customer need only give the instruction once. For repeated payments of the same amount to the same payee. Dauerauftrag (mehrfache Abbuchung)

Vocabulary (Vokabeln):

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Letter Of Application (Bewerbungsbrief)


Note: When applying for a job, always try to find out the person responsible for employing the new staff member - starting a letter of application with "Dear Sirs or Mesdames" doesn't really show an interest in the company you are applying for.

getting started / showing interest in the job you are applying for:

describing your experience:

explaining your current situation / employment:

"selling yourself" - highlight your special knowledge / skills / key strengths:

closing sentences:

complimentary closes:

Note: When you start a letter with the most formal expression (e.g. "Dear Sirs"), you must use "Yours faithfully" as complimentary close. Likewise, whenever you start a letter with "Dear Mr ...", you have to end the lette writing "Yours sincerely". Use mnemonics to learn thes facts, e.g. "Whenever you start a letter with an "S" (Dear Sirs), you may not close it with an "S" (Yours Sincerely)".

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Curriculum Vitae (Lebenslauf)

Lebenslauf (Was gehört hinein, was nicht.)
Do Don't
  • individualise your Curriculum Vitae with regards to the job you are applying for
  • be positive about yourself
  • write a draft first and have its contents checked by friends
  • check it for spelling and grammar and get it checked by another person
  • use quality A4 paper and a large envelope
  • use a good non-boring layout
  • make your Curriculum Vitae easy to read
  • word process your Curriculum Vitae
  • keep copies of everything you send off and any job adverts
  • giv names of referees that will testify in your favour
  • make crossing out
  • use correction fluid
  • try to say too much
  • use long and comlicated sentences / paragraphs
  • write anything negative about yourself in your Curriculum Vitae or letters.
Beispiel überspringen
Curriculum Vitae

- Your Name -

Date of Birth       :  21st August 1979
Marital Status      :  Single
Nationality         :  German


1986 - 1992         :  Primary school (Grundschule)
1992 - 1999         :  Secondary school - A-level (Gymnasium)

1999 - 2002         :  Apprenticeship as a ...

Working experience

since 2002          :
1999                :
1998 - 1999         :


German              :  mother tongue
English             :  good working knowledge
French              :  basic knowledge
Italian             :  basic knowledge

Web-site references

- Name der Firma 1 -
- Name der Firma 2 -
- Name der Firma 3 -