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Wirtschaftsenglisch: Getting started: General Vocabulary, College / University (Facilities / Units, University Staff, Studies, Examinations, Academic Degrees).

  1. General Vocabulary
  2. College / University

General Vocabulary

General Vocabulary
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
accomodation place to stay or live in Unterkunft
to be aware (of) having knowledge of sth., realise that sth. exists sich bewusst sein, wissen
benefit sth. that gives you advantage, a good effect Nutzen, Vorteil
sickness benefit Krankengeld
to be concerned about His latest publication is concerned with youth unemployment. beschäftigt sein mit
to cope (with sth.) to deal with sth. successfully, to manage
to cope with a problem, situation, difficulties
schaffen, fertig werden, bewältigen
to be eligible to have the right or qualification berechtigt sein, Anspruch haben
to embarrass to cause sb. to feel awkward or ashamed verlegen machen, in Verlegenheit bringen
employee someone who works for a company (or person) in return for wages or a salery Arbeitnehmer, Angestellter, Beschäftigter
employer a company or person that employs people Arbeitgeber
entrepreneur person who starts their own company, when it involves taking risks Unternehmer
enquiry act of asking questions to get information
to launch, conduct, make an enquiry, to enquire
experience knowledge, wisdom acquired Erfahrung(en)
to gain experience He has gained much experience in this field. Erfahrungen sammeln
to experience sth. erleben, durchmachen
to gear to adapt sth. to a particular need abstimmen auf, einrichten auf
to be geared for geeignet sein für
grant a sum of money given by the government to pay for a student's education at university
Note: 'Bafög' is a combination of grant and student loan
to maintain to insist that sth. is the case behaupten
negotiation to talk to reach an agreement Verhandlung
to negotiate verhandeln, aushandeln
to oblige to force or make it necessary for someone to do sth.
Often passive: The company was obliged to repay the credit within a month.
verpflichten, zwingen
roommate person you share a room with Mitbewohner
scheme an officially organised plan or arrangement for doing sth. Programm
scholarship financial aid provided for a student of merit at an educational establishment (from an endowment given for such a purpose) Stipendium
to see sth. through to follow sth. through to the end, not to abandon a task etwas (bis zum Ende) durchhalten, durchfechten
to set up a business to found a business, to start up a business ein Geschäft gründen
short notice not long in advance kurzfristig
though It was a good contract. The manager, though, refused to sign it. aber, jedoch
unemployment assistance Arbeitslosenhilfe
income support (British English), welfare aid (American English) money given to a person who has never worked or is long-term unemployed and needs financial help Sozialhilfe
unemployment benefit (British English), compensation (American English) money given by the government to a person for a limited period of time after losing their job Arbeitslosengeld, -unterstützung
venture a (commercial) project or business activity that involves a risk (risikoreiches) Unternehmen

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College / University

Vocabulary College / University
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
Grammar School (British English), High School (American English) Gymnasium
Comprehensive School Note: The term secondary school is general in meaning. Gesamtschule
Vocational School Berufsschule
University of Applied Sciences Fachhochschule

Facilities / Units

Vocabulary Facilities / Units
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
academic year Studienjahr
term (British English), semester (American English) any of the divisions of the academic year during which a university / college is in session Studienabschnitt, Trimester, Semester
auditorium, lecture hall, lecture theatre (großer) Hörsaal
campus, university, college grounds the land and buildings of an educational institution Universitäts- bzw. Hochschulgelände
canteen, dining hall, refectory the place at a university / college where students have their meals Mensa
department, section The faculty of Economics and Business Management is divided into the following departments: Fachbereich
Business Administration Betriebswirtschaft
(Macro)Economics Volkswirtschaft
Information Systems Economic and Computer Science, Business Informatics Wirtschaftsinformatik
Economics and Engineering Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Economic and Education Wirtschaftspädagogik
faculty structural unit of a university; school, institute;
American English: also the people who teach there
Fakultät, auch: Lehrkörper
student hostel, hall of residence, dormitory (American English) a college / university building where students live Studentenwohnheim

University Staff

Vocabulary University Staff
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
academic teacher at a university, scientist Akademiker, Wissenschaftler; akademisch
extramural, correspondent student, long-distance learner people who are not full-time students of a university / college Fernstudent
full-time student Direktstudent
fellow student student studying at the same university / the same subject Kommilitone
first-year student, fresher (British English), freshman (American English) Studienanfänger
graduate a person who has a (first) degree from a university or college (Hochschul)Absolvent
undergraduate student studying for his/her first degree Student (an einer Universität / Hochschule)
dean head of a faculty, college, school Dekan
lecturer (British English), assistant professor (American English) of Dozent für
to be appointed professor zum Professor berufen werden
(graduate) supervisor a teacher with responsibility for a particular student / project Betreuer (bei wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten)
vice-chancellor (British English), president (American English) head of a university / college Rektor
deputy vice-chancellor, vice-president Prorektor
visiting student Gaststudent


Vocabulary Studies
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
to apply for a place at a university, to apply for studies sich um einen Studienplatz bewerben
assignment, assigned paper a task that is given to students as a compulsory part of their course Beleg(arbeit)
to attend a university / college eine Universität besuchen
curriculum general programme of a course Lehrplan, Curriculum
syllabus outline of a course of studies or list of subjects for a particular course Lehrprogramm, Studienprogramm
lecture a long talk given to a group of people on a particular subject, in universities Vorlesung
to give / deliver / read a lecture on, to lecture on eine Vorlesung halten (über)
to attend lectures and seminars Vorlesungen und Seminare besuchen
to take part in an exercise an einer Übung teilnehmen
tutorial a period of intensive tuition given by a tutor to an individual student or small group of students Konsultation (beim Tutor)
to matriculate to enrol or be enrolled in a university or college sich immatrikulieren
enrolment, matriculation Einschreibung, Immatrikulation
studies the activity of gaining knowledge as pursued by a particular person, at a university / college Studium
course of studies Studiengang
basic studies Grundstudium
main studies Hauptstudium
to take up one's studies to enter university / college das Studium aufnehmen
to complete / finish one's studies das Studium abschließen
to interrupt / give up one's studies das Studium unterbrechen / abbrechen
to do further studies sich fortbilden
prctical training period Praktikum
to do a work placement (British English), to do an internship (American English) receiving practical training in a working environment to take part in a placement programme. -
Students have to spend a term on (a) placement with a company.
ein Praktikum machen
subject any branch of learning considered as a course of study Fach
to enrol(l) for a main / major subject ein Hauptfach belegen
to complete / finish a subsidiary / minor subject ein Nebenfach abschließen
compulsory / optional subject obligatorisches / fakultatives Fach
special subject / field Fachgebiet
to specialise in (the field of) sich spezialisieren (auf dem Gebiet / im Fach)


Vocabulary Examinations
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
school leaving examination, 'A' levels (British English), High School Diploma (American English) Abschlussprüfung(en), Abitur
to take / do one's 'A' levels, to graduate from High School (American English) das Abitur ablegen
to sit (for) / take an exam eine Prüfung ablegen
to pass an exam eine Prüfung bestehen
to fail (in) an exam durch eine Prüfung fallen
oral / written exam mündliche / schriftliche Prüfung
entrance / final exam / finals Zulassungsprüfung / Abschlussprüfung
school-leaving certificate Abschlusszeugnis, Abiturzeugnis
matriculation standard, university entrance qualification / requirements Hochschulreife
assessment the regular evaluation of a student's achievement on a course Bewertung
end-of term / year exam Zwischenprüfung
preliminary diploma Vordiplom
preliminary exams / prelims Vordiplomprüfungen
diploma project / paper, dissertation Diplomarbeit
marks / grades (Abschluss)Note, Prädikat
overall grade Note: A general classification of performance is difficult as systems vary from country to country and institution to institution. Gesamtprädikat

Academic Degrees

Vocabulary Academic Degrees
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
to study for a degree (in economics, to take / do a degree) studieren (mit dem Ziel, einen akademischen Grad zu erwerben)
to graduate from university das Studium mit einem akademischen Grad abschließen
to take a further degree einen weiteren, höheren akademischen Grad verleihen
to award a degree to sb. / to confer a degree upon / on sb. einen akademischen Grad verleihen
first class degree sehr gutes Examen
a first class (honours) degree (in) ausgezeichnet
second class degree mittlere Noten bei Abschlussprüfung
an upper second (honours) degree gut
a lower second (honours) degree befriedigend
a third class (honours) degree bestanden
Bachelor first university degree / person who holds this degree Bakkalaureus, Bachelor
Master (of Arts) Master of Business Administration
second (postgraduate) university degree
Magister (Artium, Master)
Doctor (of Philosophy) doctorate awarded for original research Doktor
to take a doctor's / doctoral degree to do / work for a doctorate promovieren
doctoral candidacy Promotion
doctoral thesis a dissertation resulting from original research for a Doctor of Philosophy Doktorarbeit, Dissertation
to receive / obtain a doctorate promoviert werden, promovieren