Wirtschaftsinformatik (Bachelor-Studiengang): Wirtschaftsenglisch (1. Semester)

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KW / CM, Kurs vom 01.04.2002 - 30.09.2002

Wirtschaftsenglisch: Recruitment.


Vocabulary Recruitment
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
accordingly as suggested / required by the circumstances; therefore (dem)entsprechend; folglich
ambitious, ambition determined to be successful ehrgeizig, strebsam; Ehrgeiz
ancillary costs additional, extra costs Nebenkosten, Zusatzkosten
aptitute test test to find out if a candidate is suitable for a job Eignungstest
assessment making a judgement about a person / situation Einschätzung, Bewertung, Beurteilung
blue-collar worker sb. who does physical or unskilled work Produktionsarbeiter
opp.: white-collar worker a person who works in an office Büroangestellter
bonus extra amount of money given as a reward Prämie
to be browned off (with sb. / sth.) jemanden / etwas satt haben
calm quiet, not excited or nervous ruhig, gelassen
challenge, to challenge a demanding or stimulating situation Herausforderung, herausfordern
classified advertisement Kleinanzeige
to conduct (an interview) (ein Einstellungsgespräch) führen
contract The Personnel Manager refused to sign his employment contract. Vertrag
deduction taking away an amount from the total / the amount deducted Abzug
to devote (time) to give one's time / effort / energy to do sth. (Zeit) widmen
to dismiss (for) removing a person from a job, to sack, to fire entlassen (wegen)
dismissal Entlassung
to make sb. redundant jemanden entlassen
redundancy loss of a job because there is no longer any work, lay-off Entlassung, Abbau von Arbeitskräften
redundancy pay severance pay (Entlassungs)Abfindung
advertisement Anzeige
to employ to take on staff beschäftigen, einstellen
to hire to give sb. a job einstellen
to recruit (staff) to find new people for a company (Personal) anwerben
to familiarise (oneself / sb. with) All employees must familiarise themselves with the new regulations. (sich / jemanden mit etwas) vertraut / bekannt machen
fringe benefits, perks Fringe benefits include a company car, subsidised canteen Lohnnebenleistungen
genuine real echt, wirklich
grievance sth. that you complain about because you feel you have been treated unfairly Beschwerde
grievance procedure Schlichtungsverfahren
incident an event / occurrence Ereignis
induction (British Englsh), introduction (American English) The company provides induction training for newly-hired staff. Einarbeitung, Einweisung
notice a written / oral communication stating that sb. is to leave a job at a certain date (cf dismissal) Kündigung
to give sb. notice jemandem kündigen
to hand in one's notice seine Kündigung einreichen, kündigen
period of notice Kündigungsfrist
overtime Überstunden
pay money given in return for work Bezahlung
sick pay money you get from your employer when you are ill Krankengeld
shift pay Schichtzulage
flat rate the same amount of money paid (or charged) to all people Einheitstarif, Pauschale; Grundgebühr
piece rate They are paid on a piece rate basis, which is $ 10 per unit produced. Stücklohn
salary regular (usually monthly) payment for work, to professional people Gehalt
gross salary salary before amounts for tax, insurance are subtracted Bruttogehalt
net salary salary after all deductions Nettogehalt
pension scheme (British English), pension plan (American English) Altersvorsorge
contributory pension beitragspflichtige Altersvorsorge
non-contributory pension beitragsfreie Altersvorsorge
company pension As an old-age pensioner you are entitled to a company pension. Betriebsrente
performance Leistung
performance-related pay leistungsabhängige Vergütung
to perform to do an action or piece of work leisten, arbeiten
pertinent relevant, sachdienlich
previous existing / happening before the event being mentioned früher, vorherig
to prioritise to give sth. priority den Vorrang geben
proven track record nachweislich, Erfolgs-/Leistungsnachweis
to refuse, refusal to express that one is unwilling to accept / do sth. ablehnen, Ablehnung
retirement, to retire stopping work at the end of one's working life Ruhestand, in den Ruhestand treten
to take early retirement in den Vorruhestand treten
to reward, reward Tom was rewarded / received a (financial) reward for his efforts. belohnen, Belohnung
scope opportunity for doing sth.; the range of a subject Spielraum
to select, selection to choose carefully (aus)wählen, Auswahl
sick leave Tom has been on sick leave for two weeks now. Arbeitsausfall wegen Krankschreibung
shortlist, to shortlist engere Wahl, in die engere Wahl ziehen
spreadsheet Tabellenkalkulation, Kalkulationstabelle
testimonial (British English), (letter of) recommendation (American English) Arbeitszeugnis
to train, training teaching sb. (or be taught) the skills required for a particular job ausbilden, Ausbildung
trainee Praktikant, Auszubildender
training course Fortbildungskurs
on-the-job training Ausbildung am Arbeitsplatz
off-the-job training außerbetriebliche Weiterbildung
in-service training betriebsinterne Ausbildung
retraining Umschulung
vacancy a job that is available freie Stelle
wage money paid (weekly) to a worker for (physical) work done Lohn