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Wirtschaftsenglisch: Business Organisations: Internal Organisation, Types Of Business Organisations.

  1. Internal Organisation
  2. Types Of Business Organisations

Internal Organisation

Vocabulary Internal Organisation
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
accounts department a/c's department
the department that is responsible for keeping an exact record of the money that a company has received and the money it has spent
accountant a person working in this area Buchhalter
chief accountant head of the accounts department Hauptbuchhalter
to achieve (goals, success) erreichen (Ziele), erzielen (Erfolg)
balance sheet a document showing the total of money received and money paid out and the difference between them Bilanz
board of directors The board of directors is responsible for directing the company. Vorstand
supervisory board Aufsichtsrat
chairperson (British English), president (American English) The chairperson chairs the meetings of the board. Vorsitzende(r) des Vorstands/Rates
to cancel to arrange that a planned activity or event will not happen absagen, aufheben, annulieren
commitment a promise to do something, the state of being willing to give a lot of time and energy to sth. or sb.; to show commitment to the job Verpflichtung, Engagement
complaint Reklamation, Beschwerde
to make / lodge a complaint to state that one is annoyed or not satisfied about sth.; to complain about sth. reklamieren
company secretary person in charge of administration and legal matters Verwaltungschef
contract a legally binding agreement Vertrag
to negotiate a contract einen Vertrag aushandeln
to conclude a contract einen Vertrag abschließen
to sign a contract einen Vertrag unterzeichnen
courtesy Höflichkeit; im Kontext z.B: auf Kosten der Firma
courtesy car Firmenwagen
delivery the act of carrying goods to a destination / customer Lieferung
to deliver liefern
distribution, to distribute moving goods to places where they are aold Vertrieb, vertreiben
faulty not perfectly made, not working correctly fehlerhaft, schlecht
to file to place sth. / documents in order in a particular place so that they can easily be found ablegen, einordnen, abheften
file Ablage, Ordner, Datei
(senior) executive a person working in administration or management of a company (obere) Führungskraft, leitender Angestellter
head, to head the person in charge of a group / organisation; to be in charge of Leiter, Chef; leiten, führen
headquarters, head office the place where a company is based (Haupt-)Sitz, Zentrale
to implement (a plan) to put (a plan) into operation (einen Plan) aus-, durchführen
Inland Revenue, tax office, Revenue Commissioners Government department which collects national taxes. Finanzamt
insurance protection against risk by regularly paying a sum to an insurance company that agrees to provide compensation Versicherung
to investigate to examine sth. carefully untersuchen, nachforschen
invoice a list of goods supplied or work done that states how much you have to pay Rechnung
to invoice someone for sth. jemandem etwas in Rechnung stellen
managing director (British English), chief executive officer / CEO (American English) In a United States corporation, CEO is the most powerful management position. Generaldirektor, Hauptgeschäftsführer
order, to order a request for goods or services Auftrag, Bestellung, bestellen
to place an order einen Auftrag erteilen
to receive an order einen Auftrag erhalten
personnel department / human resouces department The director of human resources ordered his staff to employ 20 new workers. Personalabteilung
to purchase to buy (ein)kaufen
purchasing power money available to buy goods Kaufkraft
quotation statement of the price of a commodity or service; an estimate of costs Preisangabe, Preisangebot
to quote (a price) (einen Preis) angeben
redundancy the loss of a job because it is no longer needed Entlassung (nach Rationalisierung)
redundancy payment Entlassungsabfindung
to make (someone) redundant John was made redundant because there was no more work and the boss couldn't pay him. (jemanden) entlassen
to dismiss, dismissal Ken was dismissed for drinking on the job and turning up late on a regular basis. entlassen, Entlassung (wegen Fehlverhalten)
research and development The company allocates 20% of its resources to research and development. Forschung und Entwicklung
to sell to give sth. to somebody in exchange for money verkaufen
hard sell a forceful way of getting people to buy sth. aggressive Verkaufstaktik, Hardselling
to be on sale to be available to be bought zum Verkauf stehen
salesperson Verkäufer, Vertreter
sales force Verkaufspersonal
to be subordinate to The departmental managers are subordinate to the general manager.
to be responsible to, to report to
jemandem unterstellt sein
subordinate Unterstellter

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Types Of Business Organisations

Vocabulary Types Of Business Organisations
Vokabular Erklärung Übersetzung
Articles of Association document stating the internal relationship of a plc or ltd Satzung (einer AG)
approval, to approve act of accepting a plan, decision Zustimmung, zustimmen
asset Property is a valuable asset nowadays. Vermögen(swert)
bummer an unpleasant situation / event ärgerliche Situation
to borrow to receive sth. / money that belongs to someone else which must be returned / repaid (aus)borgen, (ent)leihen
to lend to give someone sth. / a sum of money, expecting it to be given back / repaid verleihen
loan sth. that is lent or the action of lending Darlehen, Kredit; Leihen, Ausleihung
co-operative a business society which is owned and run by the people involved, with profit shared by them Genossenschaft, Kooperative
certificate of trading (British English), business license (American English) Certificates of trading are issuded to sole traders. Gewerbeschein
to compete (with) to try to be more successful than another person or organisation / competitor konkurrieren (mit)
competition Konkurrenz(kampf)
competitive(ness) Konkurrenzfähig(keit)
deed (of partnership) signed agreement, about legal rights or ownership of property (Gesellschafts)Vertrag
debt sum of money owed to sb.
They had to settle / pay the debts incurred within two weeks.
to run / get into debt sich verschulden
to be in debt verschuldet sein
economies of scale the more you produce / buy the cheaper a product is Größenvorteil, Kostendegression
franchise, to franchise to authorise others to use an organisation's name and sell its goods. Franchise, auf Franchise-Basis vergeben
to go public the act of becoming a public limited company;
to issue and sell shares on the stock exchange
an die Börse gehen
to go bankrupt Konkurs machen, bankrott gehen
to go bust pleite machen
to file for bankruptcy Konkurs anmelden
to go out of business, to close down schließen, zumachen
to go into liquidation in die Liquidation gehen
to liquidate The company's assets are liquidated by a receiver to pay the creditors. liquidieren, abwickeln, auflösen
joint stock company a business formed by a group of people using capital provided by all of them Teilhabergesellschaft
liability a financial obligation, the responsibilty to settle a debt;
A sole trader bears unlimited liability.
limited liability The liability is restricted / limited to the value of the shares / amount of capital invested in an organisation. beschränkte Haftung
to be liable for to be responsible for haften für
Memorandum of Association document stating the external relationships of a plc or ltd Gesellschaftsvertrag, Gründungsurkunde
partnership Personengesellschaft, Sozietät, Teilhaberschaft
general (commercial) partnership an unlimited partnership with unrestricted liability of its partners Allgemeine Personengesellschaft, Offene Handelsgesellschaft (OHG)
limited (commercial) pertnership a business with one or more general (fully liable) partners and one or more limited partners (with limited liability) Kommanditgesellschaft
legal prerequisites (Rechts)Vorschriften, Anordnungen
sleeping partner a partner who invests but takes no active part in running a business stiller Teilhaber
private limited company / plc (British English), open corporation (American English) The shares of a plc may be bought and sold on the stock exchange. Aktiengesellschaft
Registrar of Companies Registerführer für Aktiengesellschaften
Register of Companies contains the names and addresses of directors of companies Handelsregister, Gesellschaftsregister
sole trader (British English), sole proprietor (American English) Einzelunternehmer
to raise (capital / a credit) to collect money beschaffen, aufnehmen
(legal) requirements sth. that is needed or demanded (by law) of (legal) prerequisites (Rechts)Vorschriften, Anordnungen
to run (a business) to be in charge of sth., to manage sth. (eine Firma) führen, leiten
shortage a lack of / not enough of sth. that is needed Mangel, Knappheit, Defizit
small-scale enterprise Kleinunternehmen
medium-sized enterprise mittelständisches Unternehmen
large-scale enterprise Großunternehmen
subsidiary (company) a company of which the share capital is (partially) owned by another company Tochtergesellschaft
stock exchange a place where shares are publicly bought and sold
He bought some shares on the New York Stock Exchange, which is America's main stock market.
takeover the buying of a company by another company or person Übernahme
to launch a takeover bid ein Übernahmeangebot unterbreiten
trading company Handelsgesellschaft