Wirtschaftsinformatik (Bachelor-Studiengang): Technisches Englisch (2. Semester)

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SM / CM, Kurs vom 01.10.2002 - 31.03.2003

Technisches Englisch: English for Business Computing: English for Business Computing.

English for Business Computing


  1. Choosing a Course / Studying Business Computing at the FHTW Berlin and in Great Britain / Curriculum and Time Table
  2. Software: Some general features; Characteristics of Business Software; Word processing; Spreadsheets; Databases
  3. Computer Security: Viruses, Hacking, Biometric Systems
  4. Management Information Systems and Systems Analysis
  5. Some Aspects of Networking and the Internet

Grammar and Language Structures:

Exam Paper:

Computer Software

Computer Software

Vertical Market Software:

Software written especially for a particular group of like customers, such as dentists or plumbers, is called vertical market software. This user-oriented software usually presents options with a series of easy-to-follow menus that minimize the training needed.